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Update 5/18/20

Thank you all so much for your patience as we were waiting to hear back on all of our approvals today. However, we are very sad to say the race is cancelled for 2020 due to COVID-19. We did not receive all of the approvals needed from our area authorities.

As a reminder we have 2 options for entrants:
- Partial refund, less some costs we have had to pay to date, will be sent to the entrants shortly. Please confirm your address with us as most people will receive their refund via check.
- Or, by 23 May please let us know if you would rather roll over to 2021. If you roll over, please note that you are still obliged to meet Race qualifications in 2021.

Hope to see you all next year, first Saturday in June!
And better luck for the rest of the years races!!
Ray, Wynne and Race Management.

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The 2019 Winners!

41st 100 Mile Endurance Run
held on June 1, 2019

1st Place - Olivier LeBlond, 16:56:20
2nd Place - Rich Riopel, 17:48:24
3rd Place - Chris Roberts, 18:06:56

1st Woman - Kathleen Cusick, 20:17:37
2nd Woman - Anna Evans, 21:39:05
3rd Woman - Alissa Keith, 22:11:55

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Old Dominion 100 Mile Endurance Run Red Book Massanutten Mountains
Shenandoah River Valley
Fort Valley, Virginia

14 significant climbs,
and 14,000 feet of gain

Next Race Date:

June 6th, 2020-cancelled June 5th, 2021

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